Core-to-Core: Converting a Framework-Dependent App to Self-Contained in Visual Studio 2015

Below are instructions on how to change a Framework-Dependent .NET Core application to a Self-Contained one (i.e. where all the assemblies are included) in Visual Studio 2015.
1) Start Visual Studio.
2) Open a new project by selecting File -> New -> Project (CTRL-SHIFT-N)
3) In the New Project window, choose .NET Framework 4.6 or higher and a programming language, select Web, then ASP.NET Core Application (.NET Core), give your project a name and click on OK.
4) In the next window, select Web Application and click on the OK button.
5) Open the project.json file in your solution and remove "type":"platform" under dependencies -> Microsoft.NETCore.App.  The markup should look something like this:
"dependencies": {
  "Microsoft.NETCore.App": {
    "version": "1.0.1"
6) Add the following as the last element in the project.json file to specify the platform you want to deploy your application to.  A complete list of Runtime IDs can be found here.
"runtimes": {
    "win81-x64": {}
7) Rebuild your project (CTRL-SHIFT-B)
Now, you can deploy your solution to the platform of your choice without the need for certain assemblies to be installed on the server to support a particular .NET Core version.