How to transfer a local SQL database to a Winhost SQL database

To transfer your local SQL database to a Winhost database:
  1. Back up your local database with Management Studio
  2. Upload the backup of your database with .BAK extension to your web site via ftp
  3. Use restore tools in Control Panel to restore the backup to your Winhost database
Please use Microsoft Book Online for the instructions on how to backup your local database or see this community forum post for instructions.

Important notes:
  • Microsoft SQL databases cannot be attached or restored to previous versions of SQL Servers. That means that SQL Server 2008 R2 database can only be attached/restored to R2 (or later), etc.
  • Restore backup is available on all Winhost plans, but the attach tool is a premium feature that is only available on the Ultimate or Power plan.

After you have backed up your local database and uploaded the backup file with .BAK extension to your web site:
  •  Upload the backup file with .bak extension you want to restore to your site via ftp
  •  Log in to Control Panel
  •  In the navigation menu click the "Sites" tab
  •  In "Your Sites" section, click the domain link for the site you'd like to manage
  •  In the "Site Tools" section click the "MS SQL Manager" icon
  •  Click the "Manage" link next to the database you'd like restore your backup to
  •  Click the "Restore" button next to the "Tools" label
  •  Click the "Browse" link next to the "Backup File to Restore" text box and locate your backup file on your site
  •  When the .bak file is located, click on it and click the "Select" button
  •  Click the "Restore Backup" button
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