App Installer - How to set up Drupal

Before you start, please refer to this Knowledge Base article to ensure that your site meets the basic requirements for Drupal to run smoothly on our servers. 

The first step is to create a MS SQL database in Control Panel. 
Then go to your Winhost Control Panel, and under "Site Tools" click the App Installer button.
Find Acquia Drupal in the App Installer and click "Select this Application >>."

To install Acquia Drupal directly in the root of your site, make sure the "AppPath" field is left blank.

Click the URL link when the App Installer has completed uploading Acquia Drupal. If your domain name is not pointing to Winhost yet, use the secondary URL provided with your account in the Site Info Section.

Database Configuration

To review the information for your MS SQL database, see this Knowledge Base article: Reviewing your SQL database.
  • Select Microsoft SQL Server under the Database type.
  • Enter the database name in the Database name field.
  • Enter the database username in the Database username field.
  • Enter the database password in the Database password field.
  • Enter the database server URL in the "Database host" field.
  • Leave the "Database port" and "Table prefix" text fields empty.
  • Click "Save and continue."
Configure Site
  • Complete the Site Information, Site Maintenance Account, and Server Settings fields.
  • Click "Save and continue."
Your installation is now complete, and you can click the "Visit your new site" URL.


After installation of Drupal from the App Installer tool in the Control Panel, you may notice that the css is not loading.  To fix the problem, log into Drupal as an administrator.  Then:

  • Click on the Configuration link under Administration menu.
  • Click on Performance under Development menu.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and uncheck Aggregate CSS files and Aggregate Javascript files.  Click on Save configuration button.