App Installer - How to set up DotNetNuke

Before you start, please refer to this Knowledge Base article to ensure that your site meets the basic requirements for DotNetNuke to run smoothly on our servers. 

The first step is to create a MS SQL database in Control Panel.
Then go to your Winhost Control Panel, and under "Site Tools" click the App Installer button.
Find DotNetNuke in the App Installer and click "Select this Application >>."

To install DotNetNuke directly in the root of your site, make sure the "AppPath" field is left blank.
Uploading DotNetNuke through App Installer will require filling out the database settings.
To review the information for your MS SQL database, see this Knowledge Base article: Reviewing your SQL database.

Database parameters:
  1. Database Server -  Name of the SQL server.
  2. Database Name - Complete name of your database.
  3. Database Username - Your primary database user name.
  4. Database Password - Your primary database password.
Click the URL link when the App Installer has completed uploading DotNetNuke. If your domain name is not pointing to Winhost yet, use the secondary URL provided with your account in the Site Info Section.
Configuring DotNetNuke on our web server
  • Fill in the fields for the "Administrative Information" and "Website Information" sections.
  • Change "Database Setup" to Custom and check "SQL Server/SQL Server Express Database."
  • Fill out the "Database Password."
  • Click the "Continue" button.
That completes the installation of DotNetNuke. Click "Visit Website" to view.