We provide access to "one-click" installation of many popular applications in Control Panel. The applications are part of Microsoft's Web Application Gallery and are fully tested for compatibility with our platform before they are made available to you.  

The Application Installer is a convenient and powerful tool, but there are some important issues to keep in mind when using it. Most notably, when you install an application with this tool, it deletes everything in the target directory. This is done to insure that no old or conflicting files or assemblies are present alongside the new installation.

Another important issue is maintenance. Most popular applications are updated periodically, and those updates will have to be applied manually. The Application Installer is an installer only. It cannot update your applications.

Also, some applications may specify; Winhost Max or Ultimate or Power recommended. Those are applications that typically require more memory than is available in our other plans. They will not work properly unless they are installed in a Max or Ultimate or Power site.

Finally, while we have tested the available applications, we cannot provide support for the applications or the installation with Application Installer. The vendors maintain and package the applications for use in Application Installer, so the vendors should be contacted if the need for support arises.

To access the Application Installer, go to the Application Installer page of Control Panel.