How to change the domain name for a site

Note: other site-related usernames, path to root, secondary URLs, etc. will not change when you change the domain name for the site.

If you have not yet registered the new domain name, you can do so in Control Panel.
Note: If you wish to make a domain that is currently being used as a domain pointer your primary domain, you must delete the domain pointer before performing the domain name change, or the name change will fail.
To change the domain name for a site, log in to Control Panel and click the Sites tab and then the Manage link to get to the Site Info page. At the bottom of the Site Info section you will find the Change Domain button.

Enter the new domain name in the www field and click the Change button and the change will be made.

If you registered the original domain name (the one you are replacing) with us when you created the site, the domain will remain available for use in the Domain List for the remainder of the registration period.
If you registered the new domain somewhere other than Winhost, be sure to update the domain's name servers to point to your site here:

Note:  If you have purchased services such as SSL, SiteLock, SpamExpert, or GoMobie, the domain name associated to these services will not change and may require you to purchase a new order to replace these services.
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