Publishing a web project using Web Deploy

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using web deploy with Visual Studio can alter the Access Control List for your ASPNet IUSR account. Please refer to this Knowledge Base article to learn how to avoid that.

The following instructions apply to Web Applications Projects. If you created your site using "New/Web Site," web deploy will not be available for that web application. The web site must be created as a Project. Web Deploy can be activated on Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

To Publish your web project using Web Deploy:
  1. Open the project in VS 2010.
  2. Click "Build/Publish." This will bring up the "Publish Web" window.
  3. Click the dropdown for "Publish Method" and choose "Web Deploy."
  4. In the "Service URL" text box, enter: https://[web server] ([web server] is the name of the web server your account is on. For example: w01. The web server name can be found in the Site Manager section of the Winhost control panel).
  5. In the Site/application text box, enter your domain name (if you are planning to upload your web application to a subdirectory you will also enter the name of that folder.  For example:
  6. Check "Mark as IIS application on destination".
  7. Check "Leave extra files on destination (do no delete)".
  8. Check "Allow untrusted certificate".
  9. In the User name text box, enter your primary FTP login.
  10. In the Password text box, enter your primary FTP password.

The user name and password are the same as the user name and password you would use to connect to the server using IIS 7 Manager.