How to create a MySQL database

To create a MySQL database, log in to Control Panel and go to Sites > Click on your Site Account > MySQL. 
  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter a database name. The database name must be unique* and contain only alpha-numeric characters (maximum 12 characters).
  3. Enter a database user name.  The user name must be unique and contain only alpha-numeric characters (minimum of 4, maximum of 12 characters).
Note:  The password will default to the site's FTP password, which you can change later in MySQL Manager [Home > Sites List > Site Manager > MySQL > Manage]

Once the database is created, you can view your "Database Name," "Database Server," "Database User," "Database Password," "Assigned Quota" and the current quota "Usage."

*Database names must be unique on our system - meaning there can only be one database with a given name, even if the databases belong to different accounts. So bear in mind that it may not be possible to use a common or generic database name when setting up your database.
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