How to access and download raw log files

HTTP Log access is disabled by default. To enable access:
  • Log in to the Site Info Manager in Control Panel and click the Raw Logs icon.
  • In the Raw Log Manager section, click Enable.
Log File Generation Schedule
 The raw log files will not appear immediately. They will be available within 24 hours, and updated nightly thereafter.

Log File Format
 The log files are compressed into a .zip archive file.

FTP Location
To download the zipped log files, go to /httplog after logging in via FTP.

  • The log file directory is a hidden directory so it will not be visible when you log in via FTP. After logging into your root directory you will use the change directory function in your FTP client to change to the log file directory.  
  • You will not be able to navigate to the hidden httplog folder using an additional FTP user that you created.  You must use your default FTP username to access the httplog folder.
Log File Rotation
 Log files older than 30 days will be removed from the system and are not recoverable.