Cancellation FAQ

You can close your site starting in the Sites tab in Control Panel.
  1. Click the Sites tab.
  2. Click the link for your domain.
  3. Click the "Close Site" button on the lower left.
What happens to domain name registration when a site is closed
  • You will still be able to log in to Control Panel to manage and renew any domain name you registered with Winhost even if you have no active sites.
How to cancel the entire account
  • To cancel your entire account, you will need to close each site and service individually. Your domain name(s) automatically renew unless you have turned off auto-renew for that domain. If you do not renew your domain name, it will expire at the end of the current registration period.
  • You can unlock your domain name and receive an authorization (or EPP) code by clicking the "Unlock" link in your domains list.
  • If you are within 30 days of your initial sign up, then you will have the choice to cancel the site immediately and receive a refund of hosting fees under our 30 day money back guarantee, or you can close the account at the end of the current billing period and receive no refund. The 30 day money back guarantee does not apply to renewal terms, domain name fees, SSL certificates, other 3rd party services, changes in billing period/plan type, or any one time payment fees.
  • If the site is beyond 30 days of initial sign up, you will not receive a refund when closing your site. The site will remain active until the end of the current billing period. At the end of the billing period, the site will be closed.
If you want to keep the site active
  • If you later decide to keep your site, you can click the "Reactivate Site" link in Site Manager to remove the end date and keep the site active. Regular billing will resume when the site is reactivated.