Domain pointer service

Domain pointer service points additional domain names to your site.
 Important notes regarding domain pointers:

  1. Domain pointer service will point additional domain name(s) to the root of your primary hosted domain.
  2. Domain pointers do not include email accounts, however email aliases for domain pointers are available. Please refer to this Knowledge Base article.
  3. We do not point additional domains to subdirectories. To point domain pointers to subdirectories you will need to use a redirect script. Review this Knowledge Base article for an example of redirect code.
  4. Adding a domain pointer will not register the domain.
  5. If domain registration is through an external registrar, the name servers or DNS records may need to be updated afterwards.  Winhost name servers being:

To enable the domain pointer service click the Sites tab in your hosting control panel. Click the domain link for the specific site. Inside the Site Info Manager click the Domain Pointer button and enter the domain name you are adding as a domain pointer. You will have the option to enable email aliases for the domain on this page as well.