SmarterMail default spam blocking/filtering configuration

Email will be blocked (returned to sender) if the spam "score" is over 40. The following is a list of criteria and the amount that they add to the overall score.
  • Domain is listed by SpamCop: 10 points
  • SPF soft fail: 10 points
  • SPF Hard fail (SPF record does not match originating IP): 30 points
Any message scoring 40 or more on the above criteria will not reach your inbox, so it is not subject to the regular spam filtering methods below.

Spam filtering

The weight (importance) of these components is configurable by the Domain Administrator (go to: Domain Settings > Spam Filtering). For example, you may decide that you want to see any messages from domains listed by SpamCop, in which case you would assign a weight of "0" to the SpamCop component.
  • SPF soft fail: 10 points
  • SPF Hard fail: 30 points
  • Missing Reverse DNS: 10 points
  • Listed by SpamCop: 10 points
After you assign a weight to each of the above components, you then decide which action to take based on the score that the message has.
  • Spam score from 10 – 20: Prefix message subject "SPAM-LOW"
  • Spam score from 20 – 30: Prefix message subject "SPAM-MED"
  • Spam score above 30: Prefix message subject "SPAM-HIGH"
Other options include deleting a message that exceeds the score, or sending it to a spam folder for further review.

Detailed information on domain-wide spam settings is available in the SmarterMail help documentation:
 Help for Users & Domain Administrators > Settings > Domain Settings > Spam Filtering