How to add an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record

SPF records are published by entering the SPF policy as a DNS TXT record.

By default we do not publish SPF records for our users. If you wish to add an SPF record for your domain name(s) you can start by using this SPF wizard

Once you have generated the SPF record you can insert it in the DNS manager in Control Panel:
  • Click the Domains tab in Control Panel
  • In the DNS column, click Manage
  • Under Manage TXT Records click Add
  • Leave the domain name text box blank unless you want to setup SPF for a subdomain
  • Input the SPF record you generated using the wizard into the Data field
  • Click Create
For more information on SPF (Sender Policy Framework) please visit the SPF web site.

Note that we are unable to offer any technical support or troubleshooting for SPF records. Should you make updates to the TXT records, you do so at your own risk. An incorrect SPF record can prevent mail for your domain from being delivered!