The difference between a DNS update and a domain transfer

If you open a new Winhost account (or create a site in an existing account) using a domain name that you already own, you will either have to perform an update to the domain's DNS record to "point" the domain to your Winhost site, or transfer the domain to Winhost. If you're happy with your current domain registrar all you have to do is a DNS update to direct the domain's traffic to your site here at Winhost. If you want to transfer your domain registration to Winhost (meaning you'll pay for and manage the domain through your Winhost account), you'll want to do a domain transfer.

DNS update
When you update the name servers for your domain name you are instructing the DNS servers on the internet to point the traffic for your domain name to our name servers, which are: (if necessary)
Your domain registrar should provide a web interface where the name servers for your domain can be updated. Our Knowledge Base contains updating instructions for some of the popular domain registrars.

Your current domain registrar will still manage your domain, so you will continue to pay them for your domain renewal fees.

Domain transfer
A domain transfer takes place when you transfer your domain from one registrar to another (e.g., from GoDaddy to Namecheap). The new registrar takes over management and billing for your domain.

If you wish to move your domain registration to Winhost, you can initiate a registrar transfer request in your Winhost Control Panel.
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