Timeline for an expired domain to be released for public registration

After a domain expires, the time period before the domain is released to the public varies depending on the registrar that manages the domain name.

If your domain was registered by Winhost, the registrar is Tucows/OpenSRS. Like most registrars, Tucows/OpenSRS may retain some expired names and place advertising sites on the domains or list them in auctions. There are no strict rules or guidelines regarding which domains are retained and which are deleted, nor for how long Tucows/OpenSRS will keep a domain active before it is deleted.

For that reason we do not recommend waiting for a domain to be deleted and attempting to re-register it, since the domain may not be deleted for a long period of time, and is subject to possible sale to a third party.

Expired domains may still be retrievable, but depending on how much time has passed since expiration, additional Redemption Period fees may need to be paid. These fees are not imposed by Winhost, but by the registrar. Please contact us if you wish to retrieve an expired domain and we can advise you of any available options.

Note: Tucows/OpenSRS cannot address your requests or questions directly. Please contact Winhost for any information regarding domain names that we registered on your behalf.