Create a Shared Calendar in SmarterMail

1)First you will need to log in to an admin email account, the easiest way would be to log in to the email server through the control panel. 

2) Click Domain Settings (Gear with little globe) outlined below

3)On the Domain Settings page click Shared Resources on the left hand side and then click New Shared Resource

4) On the little pop-up you can name the calendar whatever you would like then click the Permissions tab. On this tab you can set who has permission to view/edit the calendar. In my example I am giving everyone in my contacts full permissions to the calendar.

5) After you click Save head back to your Calendar page and click the hamburger icon in the bottom left. From the options listed click Map Calendars.

6) On the pop-up menu that appears you will select the newly created calendar as the Source and can add any "friendly name" you would like. Once selected click the Attach button

7) Now you should see the newly added calendar on the left hand side just beneath your main calendar