How to restore a .sql file onto a MySQL database

You can restore a MySQL database using either MySQL Workbench or phpMyAdmin
MySQL Workbench:
First you will need to download and connect MySQL Workbench to your database.
Once connected you will want to click Server > Data Import:
On the next screen you will need to click the bubble for "Import from Self-Contained File", then click on the three dots to find the location of the file on your local machine.Next you will need to select the target schema by clicking the drop down menu and selecting the name that matches your backup file. Finally click "Start Import".
The Import will run and your database will have been restored.
First you will need to have phpMyAdmin installed and connected, this can be done through the App Installer in the control panel.
Click on the database you would like to restore to on the left hand side, then click Import.
On this next screen click on "Choose File", locate the backup file usually a .sql file, and select it. You do not need to worry about the other settings unless you are sure of something needing to be changed.
Click "Go" .
You should be met with an import successful screen and a restored database.
Should you encounter any errors please open a support ticket for help.