Reset email password through SmarterMail

Email passwords are reset / changed through the SmarterMail web interface.  Either through the Primary Admin email account, which defaults to postmaster, or by logging into SmarterMail as the applicable user.  When logging in as a user the password reset will also require entering the old password, whereas the Primary Admin will not have to enter that information.  In case the login was saved in a browser but forgotten.
If the postmaster password is unavailable, log in automatically at Winhost Control Panel > Sites > the applicable domain name > Email > "SmarterMail Manager" link.
A password recovery email address can also be set through the SmarterMail Account Settings.
Password change as Primary Admin
After logging in as the Primary Admin, click Domain Settings1 (gear with small globe) then Accounts2 for a list of the existing email users3.  Clicking on any of the email users will update the page and allow the password to be changed.
After clicking on an email user, click the ellipsisfor more options then click Change Password2 and a new pane will be displayed to make the actual password update.
Password change as email user
When logged in as an email user, click Settings1 (gear icon) then Change Password2 to make the password update.  Note that using this method requires the "Old Password" be entered in order to make any password updates.
Password Recovery Email (Forgot your password)
A "Forgot your password" function is also available through SmarterMail if a Recovery Email Address has been set.  Found on the Accounts page, as in the above if the password were being updated.
Primary Admin
Email User
With a Recovery Email Address set, in case of a lost password the Forgot your password?1 link in SmarterMail can be clicked to enter the applicable email address and a verification code.2
After entering the requested information and clicking OK an email is sent to the Recovery Email Address from (where is the site account domain) containing a link to reset the password1.
Clicking the link will load the SmarterMail reset password screen.