Getting started with Office 365

Order Process
From the Winhost Control Panel main menu select Office 365 > Order Office 365
The available Office 365 plans are displayed and you can get more details from our website.  Select the number of licenses you wish to order for the preferred plan then click the applicable Order Office 365 button. If you need more licenses than allowed here, please contact us.
Next, you will enter your company information for the Office 365 subscription.  Please note that all fields are required and we can only accept Office 365 subscriptions from US-based businesses.
Next you will create a Microsoft domain for your Office 365 subscription.  The Microsoft Domain will be used by the Office 365 admin to log into the Office 365 Portal.  By default the Microsoft domain will set to,, but you can change it. 
The Microsoft domain must be unique, so we provide a Check Domain Availability tool.  If the Microsoft domain is unavailable, then you will need to choose another and check availability again.  If the Microsoft domain is available, then a Continue button will appear.  
Next is the Order Summary page where you can select the billing period via drop-down.  After selection (Monthly or Annual), the Monthly Fees and Total Payment will update.  Review the order information to make sure everything is correct. To use Office 365, you will need to agree to the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. Click the checkbox to acknowledge agreement to the Microsoft Cloud Agreement and then click Submit My Order.
After Ordering
An email will be sent to the Winhost Admin Contact with the Office 365 admin user information along with a temporary password to log into the Office 365 Portal at  You will be prompted to update the password on your first login.  If the password no longer works or is lost, it may be reset from the Winhost Control Panel.
Once logged into the Office 365 Portal, you may add an existing domain for use with Office 365, add users, and assign licenses to log in and, depending on the plan, begin utilizing the online Office apps and/or download and install Office apps.