Installed .NET Core Frameworks

.NET Core versions supporting framework-dependent (FDD) deployment are listed below.  Versions are installed on IIS 8 and IIS 10 web servers.

Core versions not listed below can be deployed self-contained until the framework is installed.
If you aren't on an IIS 8 server that supports FDD .NET Core we can migrate your site to a newer server that does support it. Just open up a support ticket and let us know.
.NET Core versions currently supported:

  • 1.0.x (End of life)
  • 1.1.x (End of life)
  • 2.1.x (End of life)
  • 2.2.x (End of life)
  • 3.0.x (End of Life)
  • 3.1.x (Maintenance)
  • 5.x (End of life)
  • 6.x
  • 7.x
  • 8