How to edit the server route in Spam Experts

There maybe situations where you have to update the mail server Spam Experts will forward email to after it has passed through its filtering system. To do this you will go to the Edit Route(s) tool in the Spam Experts dashboard.
How to update Edit Route(s)
  • Log in to the Spam Experts dashboard as the admin user for this account.
  • Click "Edit route(s)."
  • Click the "Add a route" button.
  • In the "Route" box enter your Email Server's domain name. Keep the default SMTP port set to 25 unless your email server is using a different SMTP port.
  • Use the Delete icon  to delete your old SMTP server entry.
  • Click the "Save Changes" button.
Clear the callout cache 
After modifying the domain routes, you'll want to use the "Clear callout cache" feature to clear out any old route records that may still be in the system.