How to purchase Spam Experts for a domain name that is not hosted at Winhost

You can still purchase Spam Experts service even if you have canceled your Winhost site. You can also purchase Spam Experts service for another email account hosted on a non-Winhost server.  
How to purchase Spam Experts service using a different domain name:
Click Spam Experts tab and click the "Order New Spam Experts" button.
For "Please specify Domain Name", choose [use domain hosted elsewhere] and enter the new domain name in the blank text box. The domain name should not include "www" (e.g.: DOMAIN.COM)
Chose the Billing Period and click the "Continue" button.
The system will query the DNS server and identify the mail server your domain name is using. If no MX records are found, you will have to add an entry to the field. You can enter your domain name, however you will have to make sure you update it in the Spam Experts dashboard once you have a created the mail Server/Host name.
The final step is to update the MX record of the domain name. The entries are: (priority 10) (priority 20) (priority 30)
Note:  You'll have to remember the old MX records so that you can ensure that Spam Experts forwards all legitimate email to the appropriate email server.