How to update DNS zone records

If your domain name is using Winhost's DNS servers, you are afforded the ability to modify the Zone file of your domain name.
  • Log in to Control Panel and click the Domains tab.
  • In the DNS column click the Manage link.
  • This will take you to your zone file.
The records you can modify in your domain zone file are:
  • A Records
  • CName
  • MX Records
  • TXT Records
  • SRV (Service Record)
Service Record Manager
A SRV record is a specification of data in a DNS system defining the location of a hostname and port number and etc of servers for a specific service.
In order to add a SRV record to the DNS record you will need the following information for each record you wish to create.
  1. Service
  2. Priority
  3. Weight
  4. Port
  5. Target Server
  6. TTL (Default is 3600, set in seconds)
For example: 
The (1)Service where is the domain that we host.
The (2)Priority value is for the intended target host. The lower the value, the more preferred.
The (3)Weight value is used when you have multiple SRV records for the same domain, a higher value here is proportionally better for records of the same priority.
The (4)Port value determines on which port the service will listen.
The (5)Target value is the CNAME of the host providing the service.
The (6)TTL value is a standard DNS Time To Live.
To reset your zone file to the default state, click the Reset button (all custom zone record entries will be deleted).  Resetting DNS will remove any DNS customization that you have done. You may wish to make note of your current DNS settings before using the reset tool. A DNS reset is not reversible!
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