How to configure SiteLock TrueShield Service

Adding the TrueShield service will provide Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology along with real-time online protection against malicious website activities.
TrueShield Web Application Firewall (WAF) is available with the TrueShield Premium and Enterprise plans.
Steps to configure TrueShield Service
  1. Log in to your SiteLock Dashboard.
  2. In the Dashboard section, locate and click the Trueshield button (see illustration below).
  3. If your site has an SSL certificate, you will need to complete STEP 1 (Verify your domain). You will be given a TXT record for your domain.  If your domain name is hosted at Winhost, refer to this Knowledge Base article for instructions on modifying the A and CName records on your account:  How to update the DNS zone records on my account.
    1.  If your site has an SSL certificate and Step 1 does not provide you with a TXT record, please contact SiteLock support at (480) 725-9229 or [email protected] and they will provide it for you. Once the TXT record has been added, click "verify."
  4. Click the drop down bar in STEP 2.  Enter the CNAME record for your domain name (example: Domain -  ==> Destination
  5. Clicking the "Next" button will begin the SiteLock Trust Seal installation.
    1. STEP 1.  Choose a language.
    2. STEP 2.  Choose the appearance of the Trust Seal.
    3. STEP 3.  Choose how you wish to install the Trust Seal.
    4. STEP 4.  Choose whether to display your contact information.
TXT record to recognize SSL
Winhost SiteLock Trueshield TXT record
Configuring Trust Seal
Winhost SiteLock Trust seal
Domain verifications and DNS updates are not immediate. TrueShield/Truespeed domain verification can take up to 24 hours to implement. Due to DNS caching, updates to the A and CName records can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to propagate throughout the Internet.
Once TrueShield has been setup, go back to your SiteLock dashboard.  On the same row as the TrueShield line, click the "Click for details" link to open the TrueShield monitoring page.
Winhost SiteLock TrueShield monitoring page