How to download a copy of the backup

The SiteBackup tool allows you to download a copy of your backup. After downloading the file, you can delete the backup from our system to free up space on your SiteBackup account.
To download a copy of the backup to your computer, go to the SiteBackup dashboard and click the Download Files button.
This will open the Download Files window.  Choose which backup date to pull using the Date selection dropdown.
You can either download all the files in your backup, or you can choose specific files by unchecking the Select All box.
Once you have selected which files to download, click the Download button next to the Date selection dropdown.
Enter the name of your backup file and verify that all the files are in the backup list.
Click the Create button, and the SiteBackup tool will compress the file to a .zip file for downloading.
You may have to adjust your browser security settings to download the ZIP file.