How to configure a scheduled backup of your site

To get started with SiteBackup, log in to the SiteBackup Dashboard.
Click the Edit Connection button.
This will take you to the Connection Details page where you enter your FTP settings.
  • Protocol: Choose the default FTP - File Transfer Protocol method.
  • Encryption:  You can either choose Plain text FTP or FTP over SSL for an encrypted FTP connection.
  • Port: Default FTP port 21.
  • Host name: Enter the FTP address to your root. We recommend using the secondary FTP address provided with your account.
  • User name: Enter your FTP user name.
  • Password: Enter the password associated with your FTP account.
Click the Next button to go to to the backup schedule page.
In the Directories box you can uncheck the top root folder if you wish to back up only specific folders. By default it is set to backup everything in your site.
Exclusions allow you to ignore specific file extensions when the backup runs.
Retention: How many backups will remain in storage.
Frequency: How many times the backup will run.
Start Time: When the backup will start. Times are listed in 24 hour clock format.
Time Zone: The time zone which the backup will start. 
Click the "Next" button.  
The Save Profile page will allow you to save the profile of the site backup you would like to run.  You can place a check mark next to the 'Start a backup now' to run an initial backup of your site. Clicking the "Save" button will save the profile and start the back up of your site at the designated start time.
To edit the backup schedule after it has been saved, click the "Edit Schedule" button.