Reviewing your SQL database

To review the information for a SQL database on your WinHost account, log in to Control Panel and go to: Site Info Manager > MS SQL Manager > Manage Database.

Database Name:  This will be the name of your SQL database. 

Version:  The SQL server version your SQL database is running on.

Database Server:  Also known as the SQL host name or SQL server name, this is the name that will be used to remotely connect to the SQL server.

Database User:  The Primary database user for this database. The Primary database user will only have DBO rights to its own database

Database Password:  Password assigned to your Primary Database User.  The "Edit" link will allow you to reset the database password.  By default the database password will match the Site Account password.

Assigned Quota:  Displays the SQL quota assigned to this database.  The "Edit" link will allow you to modify quota for this database.

Usage:  Displays the current quota usage of your database.

Tools:  Displays the tools to Backup or Restore your local SQL database to our SQL server. Refer to this Knowledge Base for instructions on how to properly utilize these tools. How do I generate (or restore) a backup of my MS SQL database?

Connection String:  Displays a connection string example for coding.  This is merely an example and depending on the language used, may require modifications.  For security reasons, the password will not be displayed and will require you type the correct password on your web application.
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