How to reset your own email password with SmarterMail

Before you reset the password for your SmarterMail POP account, make sure you setup the “Backup Email Address” on the account.


How to change the password for the email user via the control panel.

  1. You will need to login to the SmarterMail system with the postmaster email account first in order to change the password for the email user. To do this please login to your control panel on WinHost.
  2. Once you have logged in to your WinHost control panel. Click on the Sites tab at the top. 
  3. Then click on your site account.
  4. Click on the Email box under site tools.
  5. Then click on the link SmarterMail Manager
  6. The link will automatically log you into the SmarterMail email system.
  7. Once you are in the SmarterMail email system. Click on the Domain Settings button. (Looks like a gear icon with globe)
  8. Click on Accounts
  9. Click on the user
  10. Click the ... button and select Change Password
  11. Enter the new password in the New Password field box and also re-enter the confirm password in the field provided.
  12. Then click Save
  13. Then use the new password for your email account.


Configuring the Backup Email Address

  1. Log in to the SmarterMail web mail interface (http://mail.[])
  2. Go to Settings > Account.
  3. Enter a backup address in the “Recovery Email Address” text box.
  4. Click on "Save"


Reset your email password

  1. Go to the SmarterMail web mail interface (http://mail.[])
  2. Click "Forgot your Password?"
  3. Enter the full email address of the account.
  4. Complete the CAPTCHA.
  5. Click on the "OK" button.


The password reset email will be sent to the Recovery Email Address of that POP account.


Note: If the email address does not exist, the email account is suspended, or if the “Backup Email Address” has not been set, you will see an error message.