How to recover an expired domain

Click here to see the timeline for domain expiration.
Grace Period

During the Grace Period you can renew your domain through the Winhost Control Panel.
Redemption Period

NOTE: If the domain name goes into the Redemption Period, it is possible that you can lose the domain.

If the domain is in the Redemption Period, you will not be able to renew the domain through the Winhost Control Panel. You must contact the billing department to see if it is possible to renew the domain. 

If the domain is still available for renewal, then you can renew the domain, but there is an additional fee to recover your domain when it is in the redemption period. This fee is imposed by the registrar, not by Winhost.

Post-Redemption Period
It is not possible to renew domains that are past the Redemption Period. You can try (a) to see if the domain is on auction and bid on the domain, or you can (b) monitor if the domain is released to the public and register it then. There is no guarantee that you will be able to reacquire the domain name.