How to adjust individual user quotas in SmarterMail

If your Primary Domain Administrator account is receiving email notifications that a user has exceeded their quota and is no longer able to receive email, you can adjust the quotas to allocate more space to the user whose mailbox is full (assuming you have free email disk space for your domain).


Note that SmarterMail will allow you to set user quotas that total more than the total physical disk space you have available to your domain. So when setting user quotas, make sure that you haven't exceeded the amount of email disk space allotted to your hosting plan.

Each hosting plan has a different email disk space limit:

  • Basic: 500 MB
  • Max: 2000 MB
  • Ultimate: 5000 MB
  • Power: 10000 MB

See this Knowledge Base article for information on how to determine how much email disk space you have allotted to your domain's users.

To increase individual user quotas:
  1. Log in to the Winhost Control Panel.
  2. Click the "Sites" tab.
  3. Click the domain you want to manage.
  4. Click the "Email" icon on the right.
  5. Click the "SmarterMail Manager" link. You will be logged in as the Primary Domain Administrator.
  6. Click the "Domain Settings" link in the top navigation menu (the icon that looks like a gear with globe).
  7. Click "Accounts"
  8. Click on the name of the user whose quota you want to change
  9. On the next screen, adjust the "Mailbox Size Limit" size, keeping in mind how much disk space you have allotted to your domain.
  10. Click "Save."


If you would like to upgrade your plan to add more e-mail disk space to your account:

  1. Log in to the Winhost Control Panel.
  2. Click the "Sites" tab.
  3. Click the domain you want to manage.
  4. On the left, below the "Site Info" box, click the "Change Plan" icon.
  5. Follow the instructions to upgrade to a Max or Ultimate or Power plan.


For information about the billing for plan upgrades, see this Knowledge Base article.