Getting Started with goMobi

We have partnered with goMobi to help you design a website for mobile devices. To get started with goMobi, go to the goMobi manager in Control Panel.

  • Click “Order New goMobi.”
  • Choose which domain name will show for your mobile site. You can either pick a domain name associated with your Winhost account or a domain name hosted elsewhere (the domain name you choose should be an active and registered domain name).
  • Click Continue.
  • Choose the Billing Period.
  • Upon completing your order an email will be sent to the primary email address of the Winhost account.


Setting up the proper DNS records

If you used your Winhost account domain name, a CNAME record will automatically be created in your DNS.

For example: to Destination

By default your goMobi account will have a mobile domain name of ‘’.

If you are hosting your DNS elsewhere, you will have to create the CNAME record yourself: to Destination


Creating additional mobile Alias domain names

  • Go to the goMobi manager in Control Panel.
  • Click "Add Alias" and enter the additional mobile alias domain name in the "Alias domain name:" text box.
  • If the alias domain is hosted at Winhost, go to the domain manager to edit the domain's DNS records. If you selected a domain name that is hosted elsewhere, have your DNS administrator add the CNAME.


Building your mobile website with goMobi

  • Go to the goMobi manager in Control Panel.
  • Click the “Launch Mobile Site Builder” link.
  • Design tab - this tab will help you start the design of your mobile application. You can select the color, log, theme, etc.
  • Features tab – this tab will help you add addition icons and capabilities to your mobile website. Features such as Find Us, Booking Request, Shopping Cart, and various Social Media links.
  • Tools tab – this is a tab that will help you promote and increase traffic to your mobile site. (Ads, Site SEO, 3rd Party Analytics, etc.)


Click the Help link in the top right corner of the goMobi dashboard for goMobi dashboard documentation.